Case Studies

Leisure Facility

49% Saving

As part of the school’s drive to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, an energy review was carried out on the main HVAC plant operation. It found that the swimming pool pumps are required to operate 24 hours a day. Further investigation found that the pumps had a significantly higher capacity than necessary for the installation. With the pumps being fitted with standard single speed starters they would always operate at 100% regardless of the actual demands.

An analysis highlighted the amount of energy being consumed relative to the amount actually required. After available savings were calculated, it was established that the payback of the VSD installation would be less than 12 months.

Inverter Drives were installed on the pump set with pipe work sensors coordinating drive speed to actual demand. True power consumption readings were taken before and after the project so that actual savings could be measured.

The Pump motor was initially costing £7,884 per annum to operate. Following this installation the annual running costs reduced to £4,020 per annum, a saving of 49%. The whole project payback was achieved in less than 12 months.