Case Studies

Datacentre Energy Optimisation

We have harnessed the power of SkySpark which is a data acquisition and analytics platform; our customised solution acquires PDU branch monitoring load data for two datacentres; driving energy optimisation and predictive fault identification. We have engineered the data acquisition from SQL to an intermediate database, this database is then used to produce hundreds of customised reports in a matter of seconds.  By employing semantic tagging and pattern recognition, this solution can provide an unparalleled level of visibility of information across desktop & mobile devices and not the ‘stream’ of data, as delivered by many solutions within our industry.

There is no solution on the market that produces customised automated reports from a BMS environment, in such an efficient, cost effective way. Automated reports are produced for hundreds of PDU ways, the output of the reports provide detailed analytics, alarm alerts, alarm durations, PDU loadings, datacentre loadings and phase balance.  Before our solution was successfully deployed; reports were constructed manually and lacked accuracy and detail required to enable the data centre team to make informed decisions to mitigate the risk of overloading. Quite simply this is a game changer for the datacentre team, driven by innovation and engineering excellence.

By fully automating a previously manual process the benefits to the customer are significant, both financially and reputationally. Reports allow the client to visualise key performance indictors quickly, which ensures key decisions are made in a timely fashion; ensuring that the client meets its own clients SLA’s and obligations; in addition to allowing the datacenter team to act pre-emptively in order to address any potential issues.  Cost to deploy the solution, was less than a single incident of overloading.  The solution is maintained under our BMS SLA and therefore no further SLA enhancement or additional costs were required.

Global Associates have developed a reporting system which has fully automated a previously manual process, the benefit this system now brings to the business is not only financial but very important for the data centre team to make decisions when moving cabinet supplies. The system is intuitive should we wish to analyse data beyond the automated reports, due to the detail and variation of the reports we rarely need data beyond the reports themselves. GA have understood and exceeded the design brief which has resulted in a unique and quality product.  
Sean Parnell – Project Manager – CBRE