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How many times have you booked a meeting room for 20 people and only ten have turned up. Even worse, the air conditioning has been ramped up to take account of the fact that 20 people are supposed to be in the room so you immediately have to turn up the heating. 

On the other end of the scale what if you were only expecting 20 so the room has been heated accordingly – but then 40 turn up – the first thing you are going to have to do is open the window because it is going to be too hot.

It might not be a crime to turn up the heating or open the window - but it is a waste of energy and with energy costs continuing to rise there is a need to be more efficient.

You can’t change human behaviour and if you regularly organise meetings and events you know that diaries change and as a result attendance can fluctuate. But if you’re one of the many companies that have a series of rooms for meetings, lectures or workshops, you know that achieving an optimum working environment in each room is imperative.

Wellbeing is a hot topic in the industry at the moment but so is energy efficiency and often it is difficult to create a harmonious relationship between the two – that is until global spaces was launched.

Developed to create a healthier environment whilst achieving significant energy savings, global spaces is a unique integration solution that interfaces with room booking systems, Building energy Management Systems (BeMS) and lighting systems to achieve significant energy savings.

The system is able to take information about a booking and feed it to the BeMS or lighting system, ensuring that each room reaches the optimum environmental conditions for the number of participants at the time it is booked. In the event that there are changes to the booking, or number of guests, before or during the event, global spaces recognises the change and reacts instantly.

What this means is that the air conditioning is automatically turned down so you don’t need to turn the heating up.. and vice versa. More importantly it provides significant energy savings as a result of its ability to optimise energy control.

You can only truly understand how your building operates when you can account for 90% of your energy consumption, 24 hours a day – and in accounting for it you need to be certain that it was used wisely…can you say that?

If you want to find out more about how global spaces can dramatically cut your energy bills come and see us on stand D2 at the Smart Buildings Show which takes place on 7-8 November at the Barbican, London. 

Written by global associates on 02nd November 2018

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