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In a rapidly changing world, businesses that are thriving tend to have a culture made up of, amongst other things, Innovation, Experimentation, Openness and Passion.  Never has it been more important for SME’s to embrace change whilst driving an agenda of innovation throughout their business. 

As Rita Gunther McGrath wrote in her 2013 book : The End of Competitive Advantage

Companies should give up on the idea of sustainable competitive advantage and admit that any advantage is transient.  The assumption of sustainable advantage creates a bias towards stability that can be deadly.

At global we are committed to delivering on our Purpose : To build a truly great company that delivers superior results for everybody we partner with; a legacy for future generations

We believe that the best/only way to achieve this Purpose for being, is to Innovate; services, processes and products.

As part of our commitment to becoming a truly great company, we share best practice and lessons learned with the wider community.  If you would like to understand more about how we operate and drive our Strategy for change and growth; please get in contact, we would be happy to share

Written by Spencer on 29th May 2018

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