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As part of a company-wide commitment to offering clients unrivalled levels of control and insight into building operations, global associates has joined forces with data solutions specialists, Beyond ESG.

Most businesses now recognise the vast untapped potential tied up in ESG (environment, social and governance) solutions but many lack the tools to help them reap the benefits. According to a recent report by Accenture, only 7% of businesses have united their sustainability goals with technology, with 93% still facing challenges in meeting their ESG goals. Along the same lines, a report by Oracle revealed that 91% of business leaders struggle to meet ESG goals as a result of inefficient data-tracking processes.

Beyond ESG combine data analytics and advanced smart building technology to turn buildings into data rigs, offering unparalleled levels of control to not only monitor and reduce energy consumption, but also surface new valuable insight about customers and building usage, filling gaps of knowledge across multiple departments.

For over 20 years global has been delivering solutions designed to optimise the energy architecture of buildings. The combined expertise of the global team and the specialists at Beyond ESG will give clients the complete package, merging leading-edge smart building technology and actionable data insight to drive efficiency gains, help meet environmental commitments and fine tune key business decisions.

Paul Wetherfield, global associates CEO, commented: “By partnering with Beyond ESG we can support our clients in meeting their ESG obligations by leveraging the data unlocked through our smart building solutions. As well as helping to reduce environmental impact and enhance occupant wellbeing, this valuable insight can be used to monitor building usage and traffic flows to optimise the use of indoor space.”

“We look forward to working with the Beyond ESG team and taking the global products and services offering to the next level.”

Written by global associates on 30th September 2022

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