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Attention, All Those Business Development People Who Are At The Top Of Their Game

This is not a job advert, it's an invitation for the best-of-the-best to achieve everything they ever wanted to achieve.

What's the role and who are we looking for? 

Well, the right person is somebody who is absolutely top of the class, almost certainly very happy in their existing role and openly acknowledged as a top performer by their current company. 

The role ... its steeped in Business Development and growing the business; we want you to tell us how you can make a difference; so, the role is absolutely up to you to define... no boundaries, no limits, make it everything you want it to be.

What would the comp for a role like that be?  ... Well, we have asked you to define the role, so why don't you define the rewards package.  No boundaries, no limits.

The right kind of person will be able to link them, making a difference and rewards side of things.

This is not a job advert, this is an invitation to join our global family and spend the rest of your working life building the best BeMS organisation on planet Earth! 

Do you want to drive growth, innovation, grow new talent, try new roles and genuinely be part of a team that is aligned for long term success?

If this invitation is of interest, don't send in a CV or apply to an email address; the right person will know who to contact, make it happen.

This invitation really is only for the those who want to genuinely be part of owning and driving a business for the long term; high performers need not apply, this is once in a lifetime superhero time.

Written by global associates on 10th November 2017

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