Variable Speed Drives (VSD)

Accurately controlling your energy consumption will have a positive effect on bottom line profits, whilst reducing your CO2 emissions and raising your green credentials.

Over 30% of the world’s energy is reported to be used in driving motors. By correctly controlling the speed of your motor to match the existing demand, you can significantly reduce your energy spend.

Global Associates can help unlock hidden benefits of your VSD. We offer annual service checks to analyse and amend system configuration, record all drives parameters, and perform both visual and operational checks.

New Installations

Global Associates can provide a free site survey to identify opportunities for the installation of inverters on any motive plant. All survey reports carried out by us are supplied complete with projected return on investment costs.

Existing Installations

VSDs have sophisticated operating parameters and control philosophies, which should be checked annually to optimise performance.

When installed, VSDs are too often left with default configuration settings. Many VSDs are set to fixed and not modulating speed control, often leading to the full range of energy saving benefits being unattainable.

Routine servicing & preventative maintenance will identify issues; increasing operation & decreasing cost

Drives are often mounted where they can experience vibrations, high currents and contamination. Maintenance of these drives will ensure that heat dissipation operates as the manufacturer intended, and any loose connection can be rectified, reducing the risk of failure or fire.

We can guarantee a replacement drive within 24 hours (terms apply)


Like all similar electronic equipment, VSD’s have a finite life cycle after which time manufacturers’ support is withdrawn. Typically on a drive this can be between 5 – 10 years. When the time comes to replace the drive, Global Associates can replace obsolete drives with minimum fuss and disruption to your business.

We offer a free initial consultation to provide advice on the existing system installation. This will provide expert analysis on system obsolescence, upgrades and performance improvements; as well as manufacturer’s recommended maintenance requirements.

Fault Finding

Drives that indicate a fault can be incorrectly diagnosed as failed and incur unnecessary replacement costs. The guaranteed standard of a Global Associates fault investigation will ensure correct diagnosis. 

We also offer expert advice on motor replacements and provide complete inverter/motor solutions.

All drive installations can be provided with a 3 year warranty (terms apply)

We can analyse, customise and transform Variable Speed Drive installations to provide optimum efficiency of system installations. VSDs often control critical pump sets, therefore any failure can potentially cause a major impact to site operation. The key benefits in working in partnership with Global Associates are: Bespoke system configuration Full expert VSD analysis Reconfiguring drives to match the application 3 year warranties Tailored system back ups Guaranteed drive replacement within 24hrs Annual servicing on each drive Drive condition reports Obsolescence analysis Drive support regardless of manufacturer

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More about Variable Speed Drives (VSD)

Service Agreement

In order to ensure that the drive remains healthy, we strongly recommend an annual service is carried out.

The service should include but not be limited to the following actions:

  • General condition checks including installation mountings, mains/motor/control cabling
  • Control cabling recording and terminal configuration control
  • Individual VSD ventilation fan inspection/cleaning 
  • Control panel ventilation fan inspection/cleaning 
  • VSD parameter setting recording including review against original commissioning specification
  • Software backup for each VSD, stored on our secure cloud-based server
  • Bespoke condition report for each drive service with recommendations 

The drive is an essential part of the total HVAC system operation - any failure will have a major impact on the business function. For our contract customers we can offer a guaranteed replacement drive within 24 hours (Normal Hours Standard), negating the need to hold your own site spares.