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A smart future requires smart technology, and to make that technology work smart thinking is required – something that global associates, a leader in the field of building energy management since 1993, can deliver.

As part of the growing trend towards reducing energy usage and improving efficiency, many commercial building owners and operators are re-evaluating individual elements such as lighting, heating and ventilation in an attempt to find ways to optimise and improve day to day operations. At global associates we believe this is not enough to maximise performance and fulfil the building’s true energy saving potential.

A Building energy Management System (BeMS) can make a substantial difference in helping building owners, operators or facilities managers take control of, and ultimately reduce, energy usage but it is not necessarily a one stop, silver bullet solution. In order to achieve full optimisation, a full and complete understanding of energy demands and usage throughout a typical 24-hour period is required. Armed with this crucial information, a more complete picture can be built up, allowing operators to address areas not currently controlled by a BeMS and ensuring that the BeMS itself has the necessary data to function properly. 

It is this kind of smart thinking that has helped global associates become one of the UK’s most progressive and innovative companies in the building services industry. In 2012, the company undertook a significant internal restructuring programme as a new wave of digital evolution began to influence our industry. Rapid advancements in technology, and an increasing demand for innovation by clients, put digital at the heart of our business model. 

The company also recognises the need to attract young talent into the industry. The current and future generations of school and college leavers have grown up with the latest technology that will play a vital part in the smart buildings of the future – and we will need to nurture and take advantage of the skills they have learned. With this in mind, global associates is proud to support and sponsor the Kent Bright Spark programme, which gives the next generation valuable exposure to commercial expertise and experience.

With offices in Leeds and Kent, global associates was founded on a single commitment; to deliver the right business results, on time and on budget, with high quality, cost effective solutions that will stand the test of time. The company now has three categories of industry expertise; Projects & Servicing, Energy, and IoT & Integration. Look out for our next blog in which we will go into further detail about what global associates can offer in each of these areas.

Written by global associates on 03rd December 2018

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