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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint With Sub-Metering

Effective energy management will reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint while increasing business bottom line profits and enhancing your green credentials with a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Developing a sub-metering strategy can identify areas where improvements can be introduced to achieve energy savings ranging from 5-10%, better and more accurate savings data can be achieved by half hourly data collection, and this allows implemented savings to be tracked and ensure they continue to deliver the initial savings.

While the data can be collected in many formats, utilising energy management software will allow the consumption data to be tracked both pre and post any changes.
Correct use of the energy data will allow:-

  • Improved load management
  • Reduced peak demands
  • Reduced energy wastage

Can you accurately identify at least 90% of your energy consumption 100% of the time? If not then you need a new sub-metering strategy, as you can’t control what you can’t see or measure.

global associates can assist in determining a suitable sub-metering strategy to meet your current and future needs, and can manage the complete end to end solution.

Written by Adrian Wilton on 01st December 2017

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