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Paul Wetherfield Nominated for BCIA Management Committee

BCIA Members are now voting for their choice of candidate to fill the two vacant positions on the Building Controls Industry Association's Management Committee.

Paul Wetherfield joined the Global Associates team in 2013 and is now CEO. His strategy is to drive growth within the business by taking a long-term-approach to creating a business that will stand-the-test-of-time.

Paul's passion is driven by the lack of young talent in our industry, and has shaped Global Associates around the development of Global Academy - an industry leading apprenticeship and training programme, with a strategic plan to have 50% of the team within 5 years heralding from the apprenticeship scheme.

Paul said:

“I believe the BCIA can add value to BMS partners across the UK. I would like to be part of a committee that represents its members and ensures that key challenges are addressed and regularly reported on.

The immediate driver is to ensure we build a robust training framework for both apprenticeships and the upskilling of current engineering teams - an industry wide recognised certification scheme to demonstrate a certified skilled workforce that has the right level of engineering expertise to deliver complex engineering solutions.

I want to become part of the voice of the BMS partner network, to have regular contact with members to understand the real challenges that need addressing and take these to the
committee and use the BCIA status to drive change.

My vision is clear I want to play my part in ensuring that the BCIA is an organisation that brings greater value for its members, that we get more members involved in helping to shape our industry’s future and we listen to all of you on what you feel the BCIA should be doing more of. It’s an association that needs to listen to the members but it’s also an association that needs a small proportion of your time to make the difference”.

Members of the BCIA should have received a voting form and should be returned by 31st August 2017.

Written by Global Associates on 25th August 2017

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