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Machine-to-machine (M2M) connections that support Internet of Things (IoT) applications will account for more than half of the world's 28.5 billion connected devices by 2022. This is according to Cisco's annual Visual Networking Index1. With the rise of smart data, smart cities and smart buildings, we have an exciting future in store in the world of building technology. But with so much going on it is very easy to get lost amongst the hype, making it very difficult to know how apply the right technology to your own needs. Our previous blogs have explained how global associates can manage and service your projects, as well as helping you achieve long term energy efficiency targets for your building. Here we will discuss briefly how we can cut through the industry noise and confusion the IoT can create and deliver real-world pragmatic solutions to benefit you.

Strategy and consulting

With the ever increasing convergence of BeMS and IoT technology, the ability to truly create dynamic, engaging and joyful spaces, that minimise their impact on the wider environment has never been so interesting. At global associates we have beendelivering strategy and consulting IoT services for more than five years. We work with FTSE 100 firms through to start-ups; delivering solutions for national, Pan-European and US markets. We can support you from inception to operation of a global solution; with services such as IoT platform selection, M2M, Connectivity / Telco Strategy, Operating Model and ROI analysis/modelling.

Design and implementation

We are at a stage now where the design and implementation of IoT solutions is both invigorating and challenging in equal measure. As convergence across the technology landscape increases, clients are looking for greater integration from their IT solutions.

However, in our experience IoT projects often fail to meet expectations if a non-holistic approach is taken. A pragmatic, rapid engagement approach that leverages the global IoT Architecture Design (gIAD) method is used as a basis to drive specific solution designs for clients. We also invest significantly in R&D to develop our own products and solutions. If we haven’t got the solution you want, using our extensive technology and engineering capabilities we will strive to solve your problem.

Monitoring and analytics

As technology systems within a BeMS and IoT environment become increasingly connected and generate vast amounts of data and information it is vital that the data and information can be used in a timely fashion in order to proactively drive optimisation opportunities across your building or estate. We are able to offer 24/7/365 monitoring, dynamic optimisation and analytics, whether that’s from commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions, or from a combination of integrated IT assets. 





Written by global associates on 10th March 2019

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