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In the second of the series, a core part of global associates is our training academy and should be an important part of any business, especially with future development and goals in mind. Our apprenticeship programme here at global has developed hugely and continues to grow & develop even further. I recently caught up with our Training Manager within the global Academy who took the time to share with me some of his top tips and what he believes is key to having a successful training program;

  • Targeted Recrutiment - ensure your staff, local educational careers centres and the surrounding community are aware of the fantastic opportunities available to apprentices or those considering apprenticeships in the future.
  • Having clearly defined goals & targets.
  • Structured On and Off the Job training.
  • Having the commitment to develop the future of engineering work ethic.
  • A working environment which encourages creative thinking and the development of ideas.
  • A committed and enthusiastic supporting workforce.
  • Dedicated and motivated trainee candidates.
" At global associates we were committed to developing the future of our company via our great apprenticeship scheme. We offer a fantastic opportunity to highly dedicated and motivated trainee candidates to embark on a successful and reqarding career with the controls industry. The knowledge, skills and behaviours that are gained during their time within the global Academy ensures the global brand remains strong within the industry. To have fully competant 'home grown' engineers contributing to the success of the company; truly is the ultimate reward from our apprenticeship scheme. " Gary Smith, Apprenticeship Training Manager


You can also find further information about the global Training Academy here

Written by global associates on 28th March 2018

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